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    Questions About Covid

Golf Outing FAQs

Are golf outings allowed given the lingering effects of COVID-19? 

The simple answer is YES!  Golf is a natural, outdoor social distancing activity.  Even at the height of the pandemic lockdown, golf was a permissible activity.  In 2020, some modifications to our operations were made to ensure added safety, and such protocols will remain in place for as long as necessary in 2021. 

What modifications were made to enable golf outings? 

 Chestnut Hill partnered with National Golf and Food & Beverage Industry experts to create a variety of golf outing formats that would meet and exceed the various social distancing safety requirements.  In addition to some on-course adjustments, like no-touch pins, we made flexible dining arrangements that enabled our groups to customize how they enjoyed socially distanced, post-golf festivities.  

We helped many groups organize things like their raffles and auctions in ways that did not require group gatherings. We also offered complementary live time scoring via our App so that no crowds needed to form to see the results.  In the end, many groups were able to be “together” while safely apart and raise much-needed charitable funds and get some fresh air. 

What formats will be available in 2021?

We will continue to offer the same formats as last year. 

  • Traditional Golf Tournaments: golf, cart and food & beverage service.  The food and beverage service will be flexible and adjusted to meet the necessary safety protocols.  For example, dining may be outside or set up as spread- apart tables for small groups, etc.
  • Grab-n-Go: golf, cart and food & beverage service.   Food & beverage service is served in a to-go manner either at the turn or at the completion of the round, or both. 
  • Ticket Tournaments: Instead of gathering as a group on a particular day, tickets are distributed to participants who then come to play and eat at their convenience within a set range of time.  Scores are tabulated via our App and winners are awarded at the completion.  Raffles and auctions occur virtually throughout the time period. 

All of our Food & Beverage Tournament Packages are available in any of the above formats. 

Will People feel safe coming to a Golf Outing?

The Pandemic has created an increased demand for outdoor activities.  Golf has become very popular because the nature of the game enables people to be “together” while remaining safely apart.  It appears that the COVID Vaccine will enable much of normal life to resume, but no matter the state of current events, golf will continue to be a popular activity.  We are experiencing a high demand for golf outings this year because people want to get back to enjoying time with family, friends and associates.  And golf is a great way to do that.  So, yes, based on our experience, we believe that people feel safe coming to golf outings.

How Can I Book an Event at Chestnut Hill?  What if I Have to Make Changes?

Booking an Outing at Chestnut Hill is as simple as picking up the phone and knowing what date you want.  A deposit based on the number of golfers that you expect is required at the time of booking, but there is no need to pick you format/food options until later.  Chestnut Hill is very flexible.  We will always work with you to make any necessary changes.