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    Ticket Tournaments

Together While Apart
Ticket Tournaments

Golf Tournaments and summer go hand-in-hand.  However, concerns related to COVID-19 have caused some groups to cancel their event for 2020.  While golf IS on and Chestnut Hill IS hosting many traditional golf outings in 2020, we are also now offering “Ticket Tournaments” as a way for Groups to golf “together” in a tournament setting for fundraising/fellowship purposes without physically gathering as a group.


A Ticket Tournament is people from a Group coming to play golf at Chestnut Hill at their convenience during a designated time period, and then entering their scores on a virtual leaderboard that is shared with the Group.  Golfers pay money to the Group based on whatever price the Group chooses to charge.  Thus, the Group is able to use the golf as a fundraiser if desired or just for fun if that is the goal.

In a Ticket Tournament, the Group gives its participants Tickets provided by Chestnut Hill that will enable each participant to golf 18 holes with a cart and receive a grab-n-go lunch.  The participants will record their scores on the Chestnut Hill App, which will allow the Group to track scores and will display an online leaderboard for participants to view.  The Group can set a particular day or period of days in which the Participants can play.  For example, the Group could choose to have the Tickets valid for a specific day or a whole weekend, or even a week or two. 


Many organizations rely upon golf tournaments and other large events as a major fundraising source.  No Golf Tournament or other group events means a loss of significant 2020 revenue for many organizations.     A Ticket Tournament enables the Group to hold a 2020 event, and bring in fundraising dollars, without having to hold a traditional outing/event with a banquet, etc.  Prizes, auctions, raffles, etc. can occur online if so desired.  Sponsorships can still be sold.  

Also, you pick the date or dates during which you want your participants to play.  Picking a period of days/weeks gives added flexibility to your participants.  No more trying to find a day that works for everyone.   In sum, there is a 2020 “event” that requires less planning and eliminates any concerns with respect to group gatherings.  


Let’s take an example.  Say you are the Darien High School Football Booster Club.  You typically have a summer golf tournament that brings in several thousand fundraising dollars.  However, when schools were shut down, your group was told that no school events could occur until further notice.  So, you cancelled your golf tournament for 2020.  You really need those fundraising dollars though, so you decide to do a Ticket Tournament at Chestnut Hill. 

You send an email to your Club members and tell them that you will be holding a Ticket Tournament.  The package you pick costs $40 so you decide to sell each ticket for $60.  In that way, you get $20 for every ticket sold.  Your outing typically has 100 golfers, so if you sell those tickets you make $2,000 without doing anything else.  You add a few sponsors and that number goes up.  You want to make more money, so you set your tournament to last 8 weeks, and allow golfers to purchase multiple tickets to play multiple times over those 8 weeks.  You set the scoring system so that playing more times gives you a better chance to win. 

You can give your winners physical prizes, or instead maybe just a preferred parking spot at the Friday night games or maybe an inexpensive trophy with some shoutouts on social media.  You can even add in a virtual 50/50.  At the end of the day, you have a very profitable fundraiser with minimal effort and plenty of social distancing.  By the way, you also have a 2020 golf outing that keeps your event’s momentum going into 2021 and hopefully, more normal times. 

When your golfers want to play, they simply make a tee time that works with their schedule and then show up with their ticket.  They play and enter their scores from their phone under your tournament name on the Chestnut Hill App.   The scoring can be set up any way you want, including an option that gives individual golfers an incentive to buy multiple tickets and play multiple times. 


Simply call Chestnut Hill at 585-547-3613.   Pick a package.  Pick a date or date range.  Sell your tickets.  No need to guess how many people you might have.  Just sell and let us know how many tickets you need.  You can always add more people as the event proceeds.  We will set up the scoring on your app.  We can also help you with any add-ons you might need, such as extra food/drink items, auctions, raffles, 50/50s, etc.