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    LoyalTEE Club

Chestnut Hill offers the only true Rewards program in Western New York golf.  Sign up for your FREE LoyalTEE card and show it every time you make any purchase at Chestnut Hill.  Golf, cart, merchandise, range, food, drinks, etc. all earn you points.

As you accumulate points, you can redeem them for FREE golf.  In 2019, golfers earned over $17,000.  Ask for a FREE LoyalTEE card when you check-in or signup below and we’ll mail one to you.  Either way you can’t lose.

Last year over $17,000 was earned in LoyalTEE Club points.  When the season ended, just over $7,400 was still on the books and wiped clean on December 31.  Points start over each year. 

Starting the week after Labor Day, we send out weekly emails to everyone letting them know how many points they have and not to let them expire.  A lot of points were lost because we either did not have golfers’ email or we had an old email.   Don’t let this happen to you!


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