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    Save Money on Golf

Most golf courses do their best to get the maximum greens fees from their golfers.  At Chestnut Hill, we’ve taken the time to show you how to save money playing when you play golf with us.  Take advantage of one or all of the ways to save.

1. Birthday Club

Start first by joining our Birthday Club and you’ll get a free round on us courtesy of Mom! If you’re not getting your FREE Birthday Club round, contact us. Perhaps were missing you’re email or we have an old email.

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2. E-Mail Club

Join our E-Mail Club so you get our specials and offers on a regular basis. As January starts, so do the deals and events. Remember Sy Syms slogan “an educated consumer is our best customer.” If you’re not getting our emails, you’re missing a lot! If you haven’t seen an email in more than 3 weeks you’ve already missed some great deals. If you signed up for the E-Mail Club but aren’t receiving them, again contact us!

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3. ABSOLUTE Best Deals

Our ABSOLUTE best deals go out by text as opposed to email and if you’re not signed up, you missing out and most likely paying more than you need to pay. This is a no-brainer!

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4. LoyalTEE Club

Don’t miss out on the LoyalTEE Club. If you coming already or planning on coming, make sure you earn points for spending your money at Chestnut Hill. The more you play the more your play FREE. Don’t let others pay for you or they’re earning points toward FREE golf with your money. And make sure you redeem your points. Last year over $17,000 was earned and when the season ended, $7,400 was left on the table in points not redeemed.

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5. Free App

Download our FREE App and make sure notifications are on. We send out a lot of great deals only to those who have our App on their phones. If you don’t have the App or you don’t have notifications on, you’re probably paying too much too much with us or by going to other courses.

6. Group Deals

If you play golf as a part of a group or with friends, we offer deals starting with groups as small as 9 players and get progressively better the larger the size of your group. The best part is you can book these deals now and lock in your day and time. Talk to your friends or put together a group and we’ll reward you with discounted greens fees.

Group Deals

7. Frequent Player Deals

If your group plays Chestnut Hill frequently, schedule 3 rounds with us and get an even better deal. Go all the way and play 6 rounds with us and receive the best deal we offer. Frequently Player deals are available to groups as small as two foursomes.

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8. Leagues at Chestnut Hill

If you play in a League at Chestnut Hill, don’t miss out on our League Coupons. You could get up to $60 in FREE GOLF.

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9. Daily Deals

LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, always click on our Tee Time Reservation page. At the top of the page, you’ll frequently see certain tee times marked as DAILY DEAL. These are specials we offer, but do NOT announce. If you’re not checking for DAILY DEALS, you’re passing up specials and paying full fair somewhere else.

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